Sunday, April 11, 2010


It has recently been pointed out to me that I don't post here anymore. That's sorta true. It's not that I don't think about posting - I do, for real - I'm just always... um... I spend pretty much all my free time at Spanking Tube.

Love that site.

I AM working on Smut 2, but I'm finding it hard to decide which stories to include. I've been thinking a lot about punishment other than spanking... the creams and the plugs and all those squirmy things.

I remember years ago reading a story about a young lady being spanked and then being placed bare-bottomed on a running dryer. Does anyone remember that? I've also read about punishment stools (some just hard and some with grooves etc to aggravate a punished bottom).

Of course I'm also still into your regular, average otk spanking.

I actually had a pretty thought-provoking experience the other day. I was out driving, and I was feeling a little rebellious. Now, I do a lot of naughty things, naughtier than this, but I don't usually litter. That day, though, I let a candy wrapper fly out of the window of my car. Then I looked into the rear view mirror and saw a very attractive face staring sternly back at me.

I was startled because I hadn't realized someone was behind me. He just kept staring at me, making me very nervous with his gaze. Then, of course, I started to get a little moist down there because, you know, that's the result of being stared at like I was a bad girl.

Then, oh delicious, we pulled up to a red light. He was right behind me. And if I had any doubt before that he was staring me down, I didn't then. He pulled out a police badge and held it against the window.

Ohhhh.... I bet he didn't mean to turn me on with that move, but did he ever. Since then I've been dreaming about him forcing me to the side of the road and spanking my bottom hard.

Lots of my spanking fantasies involve cars. I fantasize a lot about driving recklessly and being spanked for it by some stranger out on the road (of course then the stranger and I become romantically involved and happily ever after follows). No, in real life I don't drive recklessly, but still... I sometimes drive too fast, and I guess I've accidentally cut a couple people off. So, you know, it's sort of real.

Sigh. Maybe someone could video that for Spanking Tube. Or maybe somebody will just turn it into a story for a future otk short story collection.

Stay happy, gang. I'll be trying to incorporate a little more discipline into my life.