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The Preacher's Wife

In The Preacher's Wife, the story of Frankie and Nick continues. Now Nick's got a church, and Frankie is learning how to be a minister's wife.
The Preacher's Kid, The Preacher's Bride and The Preacher's Wife are almost what could be considered Christian Domestic Discipline. They are about people who have a deep faith and who are very conservative in many ways (although I like to think that they are politically liberal!) and who believe in the husband and the Head of Household who has the authority to discipline and spank his wife as well as his children when necessary.
Do I love Christian Domestic Discipline themed stories? Yeah. Do I believe that God has given men authority over wives and should discipline them when he thinks they need it? Um... no.
I have a suspicion that many of us who like our CDD are in it for the erotic nature of it. For me there's something hot about dragging religion into a domestic discipline story.
The Preacher's Wife includes some sex, so it isn't really a true CDD story. However it still has that twist that I enjoy. I hope you do, too.
Here's a little sample of The Preacher's Wife.

The Preacher’s Wife

By Jennie May

Frankie sat perched on the wooden chair outside of the farmhouse’s front room that Nick used as his office. She and Nick had been married for only a few months, and he had recently begun a position as pastor of the nearby Abington Community Church. Nick was handling the position well, in spite of those who thought he was too young for that level of responsibility. He had proven that he had the experience and the skills to lead the church effectively as well as to deliver inspiring and enlightening sermons. Frankie, however, was finding that her role as a pastor’s wife was not as easy as she had expected. In spite of years watching her mother in the same role, Frankie was having trouble with the diplomacy and grace required.

Frankie couldn’t see into the office, but she was still aware of the unfolding events. The door was open, and she could hear everything that was happening inside. She bit her lip, listening to the conversation.

“I understand,” said Nick. His voice was low, serious and completely professional.

“It’s not that we necessarily disagree with what Frankie said,” a higher voice explained nervously. “We understand her feelings on the matter.”

“But we disagree with the tone she took with Mrs. Dell and with the words that she used to explain her position,” said Marshall Kent, the oldest and most serious member of the church board. Frankie could just picture the old man’s round face crumpled into concern.

“I understand completely,” Nick repeated. “Frankie needs to learn how and when to express herself.”

Frankie winced. She felt terrible that she had put her husband in this position. He had just started his job, and she was already causing trouble. She had known all along that Mrs. Dell had been one of the people who had been against Nick’s being hired as pastor.

Frankie thought about Mrs. Dell and tried to contain a grumble. Old Mrs. Dell was the most miserable woman in the church. She complained about everything from Nick’s sermons to the color they had painted the church nursery. She had been talking Frankie’s ear off last Sunday when she mentioned that she didn’t believe children under the age of 5 should even be brought to church.

“Disruptive, that’s what they are,” the woman had said, squinting her eyes at a group of children playing nearby. “In my day, children knew how to behave. Now they just run like wild animals. You should speak to your husband about banning children from services.”

“Banning the children?” Frankie had repeated. “But how will they know about God?”

“They’ll find out about God when they’re old enough not to both me during worship,” Mrs. Dell had snapped.

For a moment Frankie had just stood in front of the woman, shocked. Then, too quickly, she found her voice.

“Jesus said let the little children come to me. Perhaps we should ban nasty old women instead, Mrs. Dell.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Frankie wished she could grab them all and shove them back in.

Mrs. Dell had huffed and turned quickly on one heel. Then she’d made a beeline for Marshall Kent.

That was why the church board was visiting Nick today. Frankie was so embarrassed she felt like crawling under a table. But she knew that if she wasn’t there to see the church board to the door, it would disappoint Nick.

She would do her duty as a minister’s wife, even if it squashed her pride.

Frankie stood as the little group left Nick’s office. She stood with her hands clasped against the back of her skirt and forced a smile.

“I’m glad you understand, Nick,” Marshall Kent said, shaking her husband’s hand.

Nick nodded solemnly. “I’ll take care of it Marshall. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.”

Frankie swallowed hard. She moved to stand beside her husband and say goodbye to the church board as they left the little house. Each member told Frankie goodbye, but each seemed a little bit nervous to be speaking to her. Frankie felt like a naughty child who had been tattled on by the neighbors.

Nick closed the door and turned the lock with a click. Then he settled his eyes on Frankie. He raised his eyebrows. “You have anything to say for yourself?”


Frankie bit her lip and looked down at the bed.

Nick pulled her across his lap and positioned her bottom over his thighs. Then he flipped up her skirt and pulled down her panties.

“You have more responsibilities than the average woman, Frankie,” he told her sternly. “You are a minister’s wife, and the way you act is a reflection of me.”

Frankie felt chastised before the spanking even started. When it did start, the stinging slaps fell fast and with force. Her bottom soon felt like a ball of rubber left out in the sun. She involuntarily kicked her feet and closed her eyes tightly as Nick’s hand landed again and again on her bare cheeks.

The spanking wasn’t long, but the sting in Frankie’s bottom was intense when Nick let her up. There were tears in her eyes as she stood in front of her husband.

“I love you,” Nick told her, his eyes revealing his adoration. “I don’t know what I’d be without you. I know that I ask a lot from you so that I can pursue my calling, and I appreciate that you are willing to fill that role.”

“Of course I’m willing!” Frankie said, momentarily forgetting the sting in her backside. She threw her arms around him. “My calling is to support you in yours. I’ll do better, Nick. I promise.”

He laughed, pulling her onto his lap. She winced as she sat. “Maybe you’d better promise to try.”

“I promise to try,” Frankie told him. She kissed him and snuggled into his shoulder, breathing in his scent.

He held her there for a moment and then let his hands began to wander over her body. Frankie groaned and pushed herself toward him.

They both stayed in the bedroom until the next morning.

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