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A Domestic Discipline Story

This is the first story in my little domestic discipline collection, Car Trouble. These stories are straight DD, a subject I enjoy tremendously. This first story features Ali and Jim, a very traditional DD couple. The other stories offer different kinds of domestic discipline relationships.

I like the idea of a conservative, religious DD couple. There's something about it that pushes my buttons. I also like the idea of a "typical" modern couple being into domestic discipline.

These stories are male HOH, female sub. It's not that I think that's the only way to be. I support all adult spanking, no matter the gender or sexuality! :-) It's just that M/F is what I like, so it's what I tend to write.

I hope you like the story!

Texting Trouble
By Jennie May

Ali pulled out of the gas station and made a right turn. She’d managed to get her errands out of the way quickly and was thankful to be almost home. She reached for the radio to crank up the country music when she heard her phone beep.
She glanced down at her bag and pulled out her sleek, shiny cell phone. It had been a birthday present from her husband. Jim was always up on the latest technology and was sweet about buying her gadgets that would make her life easier.
The message was a text from Jim. It said, “Hey babe. Did you pick up milk?”
She grinned and texted him back, her fingers flying on the tiny keys. “Yes, I did.”
She used the texting feature on her phone so often that she’d had to start wearing her fingernails shorter. One of her errands that day had been to stop by the nail salon and get them painted a pretty pink. She loved the way the soft color looked with her long, auburn hair.
The phone beeped again. She pushed the message button as she absently turned a corner. The message said “Are you at home?”
She froze. She knew what he was really asking. When Jim bought her the phone he had laid down the rules. There was to be no talking while driving unless she was using a hands-free device. That rule was easy because Ali liked her little blue-tooth earpiece and because it was illegal to drive and speak on a cell phone at the same time. She knew that they couldn’t afford the ticket that would result if she was pulled over. Another of Jim’s rules, however, was harder for her to follow. Jim had told her that she was not allowed to text and drive.
She knew that Jim was right. Texting took her eyes off the road and her attention off her driving. It was the instant nature of texting that made her do it, though. She could give an immediate response to a question or statement by just firing off a few letters. It was so quick and easy that she rarely thought about it before responding.
Ali considered her options. She could lie, tell Jim she was still parked at the gas station. She knew she wouldn’t do that, though. She just couldn’t lie to her husband, and if for some reason he found out she was lying she would be in much bigger trouble than she was already. She decided not to respond at all.
She was only a few blocks from home. As she turned onto their street she could see that Jim’s SUV was already parked in the driveway. She pulled her little sedan in beside him and turned off the engine. She grabbed her bags and got out of the car, brushing Jim’s big black vehicle as she did. It was warm, which meant he’d only just gotten home himself. She let herself into the house and went to the kitchen to put her groceries away.
He came into the kitchen from the hallway. He had his jacket off, and his tie was loosened. Ali knew he’d been in the process of changing out of his work clothes. He pulled her in for a kiss, and she purred.
Jim was an average height, a few inches taller than his wife. He had dark hair and dark eyes that could smolder with passion when he was aroused or angry. However he was normally very calm and controlled. His personality just didn’t lend itself to flying off the handle. He held Ali in his arms and studied her. “You didn’t answer my text.”
She shrugged a little and smiled. “I was almost home.”
He moved his hands to her waist. “You were driving?”
She sighed, and then she nodded.
He kissed her again. “Are you finished unpacking your groceries?”
“Yes,” she said in a small voice. There had only been a few things to put away.
“Then let’s go talk in the bedroom,” he told her, taking her hand in his.
Ali’s heart thumped. She knew what Jim meant by talk, and it wasn’t talking. Well, maybe Jim would talk for a while. She followed her husband down the hall and into their room.
Jim and Ali had been married two years and had been in their house for only a few months. This was the house where they planned to have a family within the next few years. They were a very traditional couple and had been from the beginning of their relationship. They were both raised in traditional families, and they both wanted their own family to mimic the way they grew up.
In their eyes part of being a traditional couple was that the man was the head of the house, and the woman okpsubmitted both to his directions and his discipline. This was something Ali knew she wanted in a relationship long before she met like-minded Jim.
Jim had been the perfect companion for her. He was steady and easy-going while she had a tendency to get irrational. She brought creativity and spark into his life while he brought order and stability into hers. He was a true leader, always giving her space to express her opinions and giving into her preferences whenever possible. He did not hesitate to correct her, though, especially when he felt that her safety was at risk.
Jim pulled her into their bedroom and sat on the bed’s homemade quilt, a wedding gift from Ali’s grandmother. He placed his hands on Ali’s hips and pulled her toward him, standing her between his parted legs.
“Well?” he asked. “You have anything to say about this?”
Ali took a breath and then shook her head. “I was texting while I was driving. I shouldn’t have done it.”
Jim nodded. “Okay. But I want to know why you did it. Didn’t I tell you it was against the rules?”
Ali sucked on her bottom lip. “Yes.”
“And don’t you know that it’s dangerous?”
She nodded. “Yes.”
Jim shook his head. “Then why?”
Ali thought about it and couldn’t find a reasonable answer. “I just wasn’t thinking,” she finally admitted.
Jim frowned. He appeared to be thinking. “Honey, you need a spanking to help you remember to think before you act.”
Ali wasn’t surprised but she felt herself tremble just the same. She knew he was right. She had disobeyed, and she had to face the consequences. If Jim let these things go, he wouldn’t be the husband she’d wanted.
Jim looked her in the eye, and his voice was stern. “I make rules for your protection. You made a promise to obey when we got married, and I am going to hold you to that promise. Do you understand?”
She swallowed and nodded, forcing herself to meet his eyes. She knew that disobedience was the same as breaking her wedding vows, and that was very serious.
“Driving is a privilege, young lady,” Jim told her. “It’s one that I will take away from you if you can’t handle it responsibly.”
“Please don’t,” Ali said quietly. She liked the freedom of having her own car and being able to go out when she wanted. She knew that Jim could easily take her car away. She didn’t have a job to go to. They’d agreed when they were engaged that she would make their home her focus. She used the car for shopping and other activities. If she didn’t have a car, Jim could always take her when he wasn’t working.
“I’m not going to do that now,” he said. “I do want you to know that it could happen, though. I’m very serious about you driving safely. Let me ask you something. Do you think you would be texting while driving if our children were in the car?”
Ali had never thought about it before, but she knew that once she and Jim had a family she wouldn’t take those kinds of risks. She shook her head. “No.”
“Why not?”
“Because it wouldn’t be safe,” she told him.
He nodded. “It’s not safe for you either.”
“I know,” she said softly.
He moved his large hands from her hips and put them around her smaller hands. “This time you’re getting a spanking. Do it again and you’ll get another spanking and lose your driving privileges for two weeks. Got it?”
“Yes,” she answered. Her bottom was tingling already, and her knees were starting to feel a little squishy. Spankings from Jim were nothing to take lightly. He was the kind of man who did everything the best way he knew how, including disciplining his wife. His intention was to make her regret her actions, and he wouldn’t stop until he was sure that had happened.
“Go get your paddle,” he told her.
She felt a stab of anxiety in her chest, but she obeyed. She opened the top right drawer of her dresser where she kept odds and ends, and she pulled out a small wooden paddle. It was shaped like a stirring spoon, and she knew that it was a lot more dangerous than it looked. She handed it to Jim, and he placed it on the bed. Then he pulled her down across his lap so that her chest and head were supported by the bed but her legs were dangling. Her bottom was centered on his lap. He flipped up her wool skirt and put his hand on her panties.
Ali felt embarrassed, ashamed and anxious. She was already on the verge of tears, knowing she had put herself in this childish position by her own lack of maturity. Jim’s hand on her bottom made her feel helpless.
She cringed when he pulled her panties down to reveal her bare bottom. Jim had sometimes spanked her on her panties, and a few times even on the seat of her skirt, but he spanked her bare bottom for serious infractions.
Jim wasted no time. He began spanking her hard and fast, the swats following each other in fractions of a second. She felt the heat immediately, and this was followed by a sting so painful she felt like she had carpet burn. It spread over and into her bottom like olive oil on bread until it saturated her cheeks. The tears spilled and collected on the quilt beneath her, and it wasn’t long before she was sobbing.
Jim stopped for a moment and let her get herself under control. “You understand that I’m serious about this?”
“Yes,” she cried incredulously. How could she not understand? Her bottom was throbbing.
She felt the paddle tap against her sore bottom, and she sucked in her breath and began to babble through her tears. “Jim, I’m sorry. Please don’t paddle me. I’m so sorry.”
“Tell me you won’t text and drive anymore,” Jim said.
“I won’t!” she promised.
Jim brought the paddle down with a loud thwack. Ali jumped and cried out.
“Tell me again,” Jim commanded.
“I won’t text and drive,” Ali shrieked. “I won’t!”
Jim swatted her hard. “Again.”
“I won’t! Jim, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again.”
She felt the next paddle swat low on her bottom cheeks. It hurt. “I won’t text and drive,” she said quickly, squeezing her eyes shut. “I promise.”
He paddled her hard several more times, and she found herself thrust into a storm of tears. When he was finished, he stood her in front of him. She was still crying hard, and her bottom hurt. Her hands flew behind her to try in vain to rub the sting from her sore bottom.
Jim brought her down to sit on his lap, and she flinched as her bottom made contact with his pants. He brushed the hair away from her wet eyes and kissed her on the nose.
“We’re not going to have to do this again, are we?”
She shook her head, although she suspected that sometime over the next fifty or so years she would find herself in this position. She knew that it would most likely be sooner than later. However she knew that the purpose of his question was to confirm that she had learned her lesson about texting while driving, and she had. It was one mistake she was not going to repeat.
She put her arms around him then and rested her head on his shoulder. He held her tightly for several minutes before gently placing her on the bed. “I’ll make dinner,” he told her.
She smiled up at him and nodded. When he had left the room she allowed herself a few minutes to reflect on this, the marriage she’d dreamed about since she was a child. Then she put her pajamas on and went out to join him for dinner.

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