Monday, August 22, 2011

Lasting Summer

After a little time off, I've got another Jack and Meggie story out and ready. This one is a little bit different because there's a lesbian twist to it. That's not usually my area, but maybe my horizons are broadening!

Here's a snippet:

Jack and Meggie's Summer Retreat (if the link doesn't work be sure you have Adult Content enabled at Smashwords)

“But where IS it?” Meggie asked, squinting up at the large building in front of them. She had been promised three different swimming pools and a private beach.

Jack took her hand. “It’s back there. I promise. All you can see from here is the main house.”

Meggie had to admit that the main house was impressive. It reminded her of old Southern homes with its sturdy columns holding up a massive front porch. A wooden fence that Meggie judged to be about 8 feet high guarded what was behind all that house as far as Meggie could see.

There were many cars in the parking lot already with plates from all over. The resort would be open all summer, and guests would come and go as their own schedules allowed.

There had been no signs for the resort, and there was no advertising. It was snuggled up into a remote area where it would be hard for someone to just come across it by accident.

Jack pulled the large suitcase, which supported a smaller one, out of the trunk of their car. Meggie flung her own duffle bag over her shoulder and followed her husband inside.

Meggie’s body registered a little shock when she stepped into the almost chilly air-conditioned main house and out of the nearly oppressive summer heat.

A huge, grinning man greeted them at the door. He had silver hair and a friendly face. Meggie judged him to be in his late 60’s at least. He held out his hand to shake Jack’s and then Meggie’s.

“Welcome. I’m Uncle Everett. You have reservations, I assume?”

Jack nodded and followed the man to a desk and a small computer.

Uncle Everett looked closely at Meggie. She was wearing short navy blue shorts and a t-shirt with a scene showing exploding fireworks. She had pulled her hair into a ponytail and tied a red ribbon around it.

“I’ll need proof that she’s over 21,” said Uncle Everett sternly. He looked hard at Jack. “If we catch anyone here under 18, we do pursue legal action.”

Jack started to laugh but then cleared his throat instead. “Oh Meggie is far past 21. She’s very youthful looking.”

Meggie pulled herself up to her full 4’10” and handed her ID to the man behind the desk. She was, in fact, nearly 30 but small and baby faced.

He nodded and smiled. “Checks out.”

He handed Jack a key and pointed him to the elevator. They would be on the second floor of the large house with a view of the saltwater pool.

“I want to swim!” Meggie announced when they were in the elevator.

“We’ll swim,” Jack promised. “Calm down.”

On the way to their suite, Jack and Meggie passed a couple on their way one of the pools. The man had on blue swim trunks and a t-shirt advertising a steakhouse. The woman wore a pink swimsuit with white polka dots and lacy frills. It had clearly been custom made for her, perhaps modeled after a design originally meant for a toddler. The couple was about the same size. The woman might have been slightly larger, even. But it was clear to Meggie that the man was in charge.

Meggie sometimes wondered what it would be like if she was the dominant partner and tall Jack the submissive. It made her giggle.

The woman and Meggie grinned at each other as they passed.

Meggie appreciated the woman’s style. She herself tended to dress young at these events. After all, that was part of the fun. But she preferred regular looking clothes to the frilly stuff for herself and she knew that not everyone could pull off the look the way that she could. However she enjoyed seeing the sometimes outrageous costumes that other people chose to wear. Some even wore diapers and baby bonnets.

Jack opened the door to the suite, and Meggie immediately ran inside dropping her duffle bag on the floor. She went to the window where she could see a huge pool surrounded with people.

“That’s where everyone is,” she concluded.

“There and at the other pools,” said Jack. He stepped up behind her to take a look for himself. “There are two more on the property as well as some smaller areas for privacy, or so I’m told.”

Jack let his hands roam Meggie’s body as she studied the scene outside. She could instantly pick out several male dominant, female submissive couples just as she and Jack were. But there were also femdom heterosexual couples and plenty of same sex couples too. In some cases Meggie couldn’t immediately tell from clothes or behavior which was the dominant partner. She reminded herself that some people like to switch back and forth. She watched a woman in a large sunhat and a skirted swimsuit taking another woman across her knee. The submissive woman wore a frilly two-piece, and her partner pulled the bottoms right off. She took a small paddle from the table beside her and delivered a swift spanking to the naked bottom. Then she sent the woman back into the pool with her bottom bare and pink.

Meggie turned from the window. “Can we go swimming?”

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Katie's Back!

I really enjoyed writing the stories in Katie's Age Play Escort Service, so I decided to write some more. Volume 2 shows you how the escort service began and also introduces some new characters, including clients who are a Mommy/Daddy couple using Katie's service for an age play daughter. Here's a peek:

Amber woke up in the twin bed and pulled the princess sheet and blanket up to her chin. She yawned and snuggled deeper into the blankets. She knew that Gina would be in soon.

Gina opened the door and stepped inside. “Good morning, Amber.”

Amber looked up at Gina and grinned. Gina was in her mid 40s, about 20 years older than Amber. She and her husband, Dean, had been clients of Katie’s for a long time. They had worked with other girls but enjoyed Amber the most.

“Good morning, Mommy,” said Amber. She sat up and stretched her arms. She climbed out of bed and padded to Gina. Her drop-seat footie pajamas were warm and cozy. Secretly Amber wished she had a pair for her apartment in the city.

Gina patted Amber’s bottom and gave her a kiss on the head.

“Now go potty, honey and then make your bed. Daddy’s waiting for us in the kitchen,” Gina told her.

Amber padded to the bathroom while Gina disappeared toward the kitchen. On the way back, she ignored her bedroom, knowing that was what the clients wanted. She climbed up onto the wooden bench at the kitchen table and let Gina serve her pancakes.

“Good morning, Daddy,” she said to Dean. He was drinking his coffee.

“Good morning, sweetie,” he answered her with a smile.

“Did you make your bed, Amber?” Gina asked.

Amber looked away. “Um… yes.”

Dean looked at Amber. “Young lady, are you telling the truth?”

Amber shrugged. “I’ll make it later, ‘kay?”

Gina put her hands on her hips. “Amber Jane, did you just lie to your mommy?”

Amber conjured up a guilty look. “I… I didn’t mean to.”

Dean put down his coffee. “You know better than to lie to Mommy, Amber. Go to your room.”

Amber slammed her fork against the table. “It’s not fair!” she shouted.

Dean stood, and Amber scampered to her room. Dean and Gina followed close behind.

Dean grabbed Amber by her forearm and seated himself on the small bed. He pulled Amber across his sturdy thighs.

“Daddy, no!” Amber pleaded. “Daddy don’t spank.”

“You’re getting a good, hard spanking,” said Gina. Her hands were on her hips. “You were a naughty girl. You disobeyed Mommy when you didn’t make your bed, and then you lied about it.”

While Gina was scolding, Dean was unbuttoning the little flap on Amber’s pajamas. He pushed the fabric down on both sides so that Amber’s bare bottom poked out like two little hills with a valley in between.

Dean began spanking Amber with swift, firm swats. Amber started to sniffle and kick. “No Daddy! Stop!”

“Daddy will not be stopping until your little bottom is nice and pink,” Gina said while Dean continued to spank Amber.

Amber wiggled her bottom under Dean’s descending hand. “Daddy no! I’m sorry!”

Dean landed several more swats on Amber’s uncovered bottom. Then he looked at Gina. “You think it’s pink enough?”

“Yes!” cried Amber.

Gina pursed her lips. “A few more for the lying.”

Dean followed his wife’s directions and landed five more hard swats to the pink skin. Amber cried out with each one. When he was finished, Dean let Amber crawl off of his lap.

“Daddy, aren’t you going to put my flap back?” asked Amber in a teary voice.

“Absolutely not,” Dean told her. “You can walk around the house with your naughty, bare bottom showing this morning. Now apologize to your mother.”

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Superfanny Coupon

This is the first time I've tried offering a coupon for one of my stories. You, my wonderful readers, are the lucky ones to try it out. (Or you are my guinea pigs, however you want to look at it).

Superfanny is what I consider to be a cute new story. It's based on the TV show Supernanny, but my version has wife spanking so it's a lot more entertaining.

The usual price for Superfanny is $2.99. Use this code at Smashwords - HB38L - and you can get it for $1.99 until February 2nd. Enter the code at checkout.

I hope you love it!