Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frankie's Back and She's a Bride!

I enjoyed writing The Preacher's Kid so much that I immediately wrote The Preacher's Bride. This one follows Nick and Frankie through their wedding preparations back in Frankie's home town. Nick has helped Frankie grow up and get a handle on things, but she's not quite ready to walk back into her parents' house as an adult. Nick believes that childish behavior requires an appropriate reaction, and Frankie finds herself over his knee learning how to behave herself with her family. Josh and Jess are back too. Jess doesn't come from a domestic discipline background, though, and Josh knows that's what he wants in his future. Will Jess decide to follow Josh's leadership or will the whole thing blow up in their faces?
In The Preacher's Bride you'll also meet Frankie's sister, Evie. Evie has always been the good girl but deep inside she might be the wildest of all.
The Preacher's Bride is available over at Lulu as a print and a download. You should soon be able to find it for all the hand-held reading devices too.
I hope you love it as much as I do!