Monday, January 4, 2010

Anal Discipline

Ohhh what a squishy, potentially squicky topic!

There is such a thing as anal spanking. You've read about this. (I've written about it!) This is where you spank a bottom hole (or have your bottom hole spanked, depending on your particular viewpoint). I like this in sexual ageplay especially. Bottom hole spanking gives a sense of discipline, sexuality and extreme intimacy all at the same time. However I've found that it works better in fiction than in practice. There are practical matters that make the whole process somewhat awkward. You can have the person being disciplined hold the cheeks apart, but that can't last too long. You can also rig some sort of contraption (think duct tape) to keep them apart. Or if you have a small spankee, you can have her bend over in kind of a downward facing dog position, only on her knees, and the cheeks will separate. However those of us with more substantial bottoms find that this doesn't always work. In my experience, the intimacy of the act is delicious but the swats don't feel especially stingy because of the effort involved in exposing the bottom hole. (Any expert bottom hole spankers out there who want to share a technique? In the comments of course... or maybe in person ;-) ).

Anyway all of that is anal spanking. Anal discipline, however, usually implies something being put into the bottom hole. (Some people like the word anus... not me. I like bottom hole or hiney hole myself...)

Anal discipline can be butt plugs aka bottom pacifiers or bottom plugs (or some daddies I know simply call them reminders). These are plastic, glass or rubbery little suckers that pop right into your bottom hole. The smaller ones don't hurt. They are just uncomfortable and embarrassing. Larger ones can stretch your bottom and hurt a lot.

Another possibility for anal discipline is a butt plug made of a ginger root. I'm not an expert on this, but you can find directions all over the internet.

Anal discipline can also mean anal fucking (I apologize to those who don't like the word fuck. I personally enjoy it a lot... although some doms don't share my opinion). You can have your bottom fucked for pleasure, discipline or both. In general, bottom fucking is a very serious expression of dominance or even ownership, depending on your relationship. It doesn't have to hurt in order to be discipline. However if you want it to hurt, you can certainly make that happen through limiting use of lube and through heavy thrusting... oh my, is it getting warm in here?

The same effect, or a bigger effect, can be achieved with a dildo. Some of these are friggin' huge and will definitely get your point across.

To me, anal play is hottest when it's used for either real or play discipline. The real draw for me is the authority the top/Daddy takes in violating my bottom hole in the first place. Any discomfort is secondary to the general feeling of being put in my place. Just a finger up my bottom can be incredibly exciting... actually just the words "Do you need my finger up your bottom?" make me very drippy. Hm... getting light-headed just thinking about it.

So ends my discussion of anal discipline. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I don't think I would want to be spanked on my bottom hole... however; I would love a rectal thermometer to embarrass me. That sounds like a perfect way for Daddy to add a little bit more punishment to my daily routine.

    I love your posts by the way.. I decided to make a blogpost just so I could keep up with you and share my secret with the world.


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  3. anal discipline is a very interesting topic. i wouldn't be opposed to trying it out or to be more specific it being tried out on me.

  4. I've never found keeping the cheeks apart to be too much of a challenge. A spanking is (almost always) given with just one hand/arm... and many times that other hand is busy holding back an arm or other such tasks. When it comes to anal play or discipline... that hand can instead be used to expose the bottom hole. Basically just have to open the hand in a certain way to do it. Takes a little testing out and practice... it's easy enough to do though.

    It's not ~perfect~ mind you. The best way I've found is to have someone else... a third person, like another spankee... use her hands to hold the cheeks apart. That... pardon the pun... opens up lots more possibilities.

    Like you say though... the main part of it really is the tone of the session. If that's right, just the one free hand is plenty to make it work.

    Good topic!


  5. Jennie,
    I rarely comment as Cassie but since you were kind enough to come by today I wanted to check out your site. Very interesting post today. You might find one of my old post interesting -

    I hope you like it. I'll be back.


  6. Thanks for the comments, guy and girls!

    Todd, I think I'm too much of a struggler/leg kicker/ wiggler type... I dunno. It sounds so easy when you explain it, though. :-)

    Cassie, LOVE the little story with the thermometer. (Alexia, you will want to check out Cassie's story!)


  7. Wow, talk about an incredibly HOT topic... yum yum!!! Linda does most of everything listed in this topic to me at times, and you are right, even though some of it is incredibly humbling/sometimes VERY uncomforatble, bottom hole play in general is just a huge turn on for me, on either end.


  8. Hi Jennie. I love your new blog.

    Jennie has a "fondness" for the thermometer as well. If you haven't done so, you should definitely read her Jack and Meggie stories! And Todd... she's telling the truth about being a wiggler!

  9. Great topic. I've done it, and had it done to me. I can't really get enough.