Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ramblings about boundaries

So I'm thinking a lot about smut, and I'm finding myself wondering about lines in the sand as far as what is and isn't appropriate in an erotic book. I realize that each person has his or her own idea of what is too much. I guess for lots of people even spanking is going too far. Then again, some people are repulsed by the idea that stories about sex even exist!
There are issues that pop up in spanking stories that don't push my buttons, and there are some that even repel me. Like I said in my previous post, I'm not much of an enema or diapers girl. However, I don't judge anyone for his or her particular brand of kink. In real-life activity, the two important words are consenting adults. In stories, I don't even think consent is necessary. I realize that some would disagree.
So I suppose that's one area that pushes the envelope. Some don't want to read a story that includes lack of consent. For some, myself included, it can be hot under the right circumstances. But then are we talking about non-consentual spanking, non-consentual sex or both? And does it matter?
For me a non-consentual spanking (in fiction) is a turn-on. Rape, in the traditional sense, isn't. However the rape fantasy is huge among women, and should they be able to write and read about it if that's what they want? (And is it different if a man has fantasies of raping a woman?)
Daddy/daughter is a huge turn-off for some people, even when it is quite clear that the story does not involve incest. Marking and blood are other turn-offs for many spankos.
I know that many people believe that what I write is sick. Believe me, I know! You should read some of the responses I get to my stories. I write what turns me on. It turns out that it turns others on, too.
But do I know where my personal line is? I guess not. There is nothing that turns me on that doesn't feel appropriate to write about. So on I go...

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