Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it Snow!

Audrey clung to David's arm and pulled him through the mall. "Come on!"

"I'm an old man," David joked. "I can't move that fast."

Audrey grinned and ran ahead toward the sporting goods store. She stood outside in front waiting for David to catch up.

"Here they are!" Audrey announced, making her way to a row of ski pants. "This is the kind I want."

David studied the ski pants. They were a bib overall style. "I don't know," he said.

"What do you mean?" Audrey crossed her arms and made a pouty face. "I need these to play in the snow. Otherwise my pants will get all wet when I make a snow angel."

"I like taking off your wet pants and panties when you come in from playing in the snow," David told her.

"Daddy!" Audrey whispered, looking around to make sure that no one could hear. She was a grown-up little girl at home, but she didn't like David saying embarassing things out in public.

David smiled and turned toward another display. "How about these?"

Audrey studied the display. "They're just pants. They don't go all the way up."

"Exactly," David told her. "It's much easier to get to your bottom this way."

Audrey rolled her eyes. "I like the other ones."

"You're getting these," David told her. "Look they have them in pink."

Audrey brightened at that thought.

"Let's go try them on," David said.

Audrey grabbed a pair of pink ski pants, size small. "You can't come in the women's dressing room."

"There's no one here," said David. "No one else went out shopping in a snow storm."

Audrey was ready to argue when a young salesman approached them. "Can I help you?" he asked, not looking like he wanted to help them at all.

David motioned toward the dressing room. "Mind if I go in there with her?"

The kid broke out in a grin. "Yeah, go ahead."

David took Audrey's hand and went with her into the fitting rooms.

"That guy thinks we're going to have sex," Audrey said.

David smiled. "Maybe we are."

Audrey blushed. She stood in front of a large mirror and began to pull the ski pants up over her cotton leggings. David watched with approval as she turned this way and that in front of the mirror.

"Very cute," David said. He patted her bottom through the thick pants. "Let's try them out."

Before Audrey could ask what he was talking about, David had pulled her into one of the small dressing rooms. He pushed her up against the wall and tugged down her ski pant, her leggings and her panties in one smooth motion.

Audrey started to squeal, but David told her firmly to shush. He began to spank her bare bottom lightly, barely making a sound.

"Imagine me spanking you out in the snow," David said.

Audrey groaned and wiggled her bottom. She could definitely imagine that.

"I'll spank your bottom red and then make you dip your hot bottom into the cold snow," he told her. He placed his hand between her bottom cheeks, and she wiggled.

He gave her bottom a pinch. "Hold still," he commanded. He rubbed her bottom all over and then began to massage her bottom hole with his finger.

She groaned again and pressed herself closer to the wall.

David's finger invaded her bottom hole. "Push back," David commanded.

"No... take it out," Audrey groaned.

"Push back or I'll pinch your bottom black and blue," David said in a low voice. "And then I'll make you push back anyway."

Audrey shut her eyes and obeyed, pushing back toward David to feel his finger go deeper into her bottom.

"There you go," he said. He began to pump forcefully in and out of her bottom hole. Then he took his other hand off of her shoulder and reached around to rub her clit.

Audrey wiggled and moaned her way to an orgasm. David continued to pump into her bottom and rub her clit as she writhed against the dressing room wall.

When she had recovered, she turned around to face him. He helped her pull up her pants and then walked her out into the store to tell the young salesman that these were the ski pants they wanted.

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