Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Illuminated Discipline Manual

The Church of the Illuminated is a creation of mine that has a special place in my heart. The community and the folks who live there, while obviously fictional, are quite real in my mind.

So I decided recently to go inside my own head and have a conversation with two of the Illuminated men. From there I put together The Illuminated Discipline Manual for men.

You see, whenever a young man and woman want to get married in the Church of the Illuminated, they must attend pre-marital classes in order to prepare themselves to raise a family in the Illuminated tradition.

Part of this class involves teaching the young men of the church how to discipline their wives. If you read part one, "The Church of the Illuminated" you were able to sit in on one of these classes.

Still, young men should have something in writing that they can refer to. This is why they have The Illuminated Discipline Manual. It discusses all aspects of domestic discipline, Illuminated style, including sexual discipline.

I love my Illuminated and I hope you will too!


  1. FYI,
    The link doesn't arrive at the book on LuLu.
    A search for 'Illuminated' failed to find it, until I used the "GET IT" search on the home page.
    However, it does come up under a search for 'Jennie May'
    Would you like me to post reviews of all your books on LuLu?
    Thanks for all the delicious words,

  2. Hm... the link in the text should go to Lulu and clicking on the picture should take you to Smashwords. I don't think reviews are enabled on Lulu but they are on Smashwords. Feel free to review, as long as it's a good review!! :-)
    Thanks for your comments. I love to hear from happy readers.