Monday, June 21, 2010

A little bit of the Illuminated Discipline Manual

Here's a little sample of "The Illuminated Discipline Manual" for your entertainment.


Spanking is considered by the Illuminated to be the most useful form of discipline. This is because it provides an immediate negative reaction to an undesirable behavior and it can be altered in length and severity so that it is appropriate to a particular situation.

A spanking can take many forms, and we will discuss several here.

Having been raised in the Church of the Illuminated, you have all been spanked during your childhoods. If you are an older sibling in your family, you may have given spankings to younger brothers and sisters. However, spanking your wife is a different experience than spanking a sibling or any child.

Consider first a traditional, moderate spanking.

After you have discussed your wife’s misbehavior with her, you will proceed to uncover her bottom or tell her to do it herself. You will then seat yourself on a chair, a bed, a sofa or another piece of furniture that will allow your wife to be pulled across your lap. Small women can be spanked over your lap on a chair, but larger women will require the support of a sofa or bed. Remember her comfort. You want the pain she experiences to be in her bottom and not because of poor positioning.

Pull your wife firmly across your lap, and do not begin the spanking until you have positioned her appropriately. Most likely you will want your wife’s bottom to be squarely over your lap. Some men prefer to have the bottom positioned slightly more on one thigh. You will discover the positioning that is most comfortable to you.

Once her uncovered bottom is appropriately positioned, place your hand on it. Allowing her to feel the weight of your hand on her bottom sets the appropriate mood for the spanking. Do not allow clenching of the bottom cheeks. If this becomes a problem, spank her on the thighs until she relaxes the muscles in her bottom.

Begin the spanking with a sharp slap to the bottom of one or both of her cheeks. You will concentrate your spanking on the base of her cheeks because that is where she will feel the burn when she sits and because that is the safest place to spank. Some men prefer to spank one cheek and then the other, while other men prefer to spank in the middle of the cheeks.

Unless your wife has a very small bottom, it may become necessary to move the cheeks with one hand while you spank with the other. This is so that you are able to spank the area under her bottom cheeks where she will put much of her weight when she sits. Do not hesitate to spank this entire area. If you are having trouble reaching all of your wife’s bottom, tell her to part her legs so that you can have access to more of it. You can also tilt her bottom upward with her legs straight.

Some husbands will reserve spanking the thighs, especially the tender inside areas, for serious misbehavior or punishment during the spanking. This can be useful if your wife cannot control herself while being spanked. For example, if your wife repeatedly kicks her legs toward your face or reaches back with her hand, you can pull her bottom cheek back and spank hard on the insides of her upper thighs. This will remind her to keep herself under control.

Of course if your wife cannot control herself, you can pin her down by placing one of your legs on top of hers. This way you can wallop her bottom hard without the risk of being kicked.

One technique that works for many couples during a spanking is requiring the young lady to verbally admit to her misbehavior. Her husband will give her bottom several hard spanks and then prompt her to repeat a statement such as “I was a naughty girl to skip prayer meeting today” or “I will not skip prayer meeting again.” Each statement should be followed by hard swats. This will cause your wife to associate her misbehavior with the feeling of being spanked. You can enforce that association by saying something like, “This is what will happen every time you skip prayer meeting” or “girls who skip prayer meeting have their bottoms spanked.”

Some women respond to scolding while being spanked, while others are so focused on the spanking that they cannot hear what you are saying anyway. You will learn what is best for your wife.

Over time you will learn when to end the spanking. You will want to spank your wife to the point of crying tears of real repentance. When your wife is truly sorry for her actions, you should be able to hear it in her voice.

Most women will require no more than a moderate spanking. Remember that a woman’s response to punishment is based more on the emotional than the physical. If you able to understand her emotions, you will not need to make the spanking severe.

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  1. WOW! I like this a LOT Jennie! It might be your best work yet.

    I can't wait to read the rest of the manual. And, of course, to apply some of the advice given within it. :-)