Monday, November 2, 2009

I Heart Johanna Lindsey

Yes, I do read "real" literature. :-P

However I also love a good, trashy romance novel. One of my very favorite romance writers is Johanna Lindsey. She's been turning this stuff out for years, and I have loved her since I first picked up one of her novels.

The reason I'm singing her praises here is that I'm pretty sure she's a spanko. She includes a spanking scene or a reference in many of her books. I will often see a place in a Lindsey novel where a spanking scene could easily be inserted, and I wonder if she didn't write one for her own private version of the book.

She has one series that involves another planet whose inhabitants more or less practice domestic discipline.

The stuff in between the spanking scenes is also cause for squirmy pleasure. Her heroes tend to be larger than life, perfect specimens of the male kind. Her heroines are smart and feisty.

Johanna Lindsey makes excellent reading for this oversexed girl.

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