Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Hm... Let's see. You stayed up past bedtime. How many paddle swats is that worth?"

"Um... two on my pants?"

"Two? I don't think so. I think six on your panties"

"No! Um... three? On my pants."

"Six. On your panties."

"That's not fair! It wasn't such a big deal. You're mean."

"So it's six on your panties?"

"No, it is not. Um... four. Four on my pants."

"How about six on your panties?"

"You aren't doing it right!"

"Doing what right?"

"You keep saying the same thing! We're negotiating."


"Yes. You have to change your answer."

"Oh, okay. I'll change my answer to seven on your bare bottom."


More pause.

"Argh! Fine. Six on my panties."