Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Wonder...

in a 24/7 relationship does anyone decide to "take a break". What if I wake up one morning and just don't want to do it that day? Is it like exercise - do you have to do it even when you don't want to?

I wonder if it would take some of the allure off of it if I knew I could call it off at any random moment. I mean, part of IT is that it's REAL. That's why it's 24/7.

A fictional Daddy would instinctively know when to back off, but then fictional Daddies are perfect. A real Daddy might not know what to do.



  1. Jennie,

    I suspect most real 'Daddies' such as myself live in the real world. While we love our 'little girls' and treasure those times, we know that the real world is out there and cannot be ignored. Our 'little ones' often have jobs and careers and just need to know that Daddy is there when she needs him.


  2. you haven't updated in a while...hope you are ok!