Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ageplay, What It Is & Isn't

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy ageplay. It comes in many forms, and it is expressed in many ways. Ageplay doesn't have to be a woman pretending to be a child with a man who remains a grown-up. The genders can mix themselves up any which way, and a huge variety of ages can be involve. Adult infants want to wear diapers and use pacifiers. Some of us older girls mostly want to be spanked. The point is that ageplay is definitely out there, and people are definitely interested.

There's a problem, though. The world at large can get a little worked up about this stuff. Why? Well, it's mainly because of some misconceptions.

Ageplay is not about children. This is huge. People who participate in ageplay are not wanna-be pedophiles who just can't find a child to hurt. I'm talking about dominant man, submissive female here because that's what I know. Dominant men I meet who want to play with a "grown-up little girl" have absolutely no interest in children. If they were interested in children, they would not be talking to me!

Ageplay is consensual and gives something to both (or all) participants. I am not being forced or degraded in any way when I participate in ageplay. This is what I want!

Ageplay is not inherently sexual. Okay, for me it is. I like to mix sex with my ageplay. Lots and lots of people who play don't like to have sex involved at all. Know what? Either way is okay because we are talking about consenting adults who have chosen to play a game, can make their own rules and it's really none of your business.


I write to fantasize, and I write to understand myself. I write to work out the demons inside me, and I write to entertain. Ageplay is part of that for me. If it's part of that for you, too, then feel free to express yourself.

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