Saturday, October 31, 2009

Audrey and Cinderella

Audrey twirled again. Her lovely blue gown was absolutely stunning. The skirt flared out into the room, very elegant looking until it caused her to knock something over like a picture frame or a cat.

She placed her golden crown on her head and smiled at herself in the mirror. She made an excellent princess.

She took the stairs quickly, almost tripping over her glass slippers. David was waiting for her in the entry hall.

"You are beautiful," David told her. He was dashing in his Prince Charming costume. He might have been a few years older than the fairy tale prince, but Audrey found him every bit as wonderful.

"Thank you," she said, managing a curtsy. She tried to sink low to the floor, but her knees would only bend so far.

David grinned at her. "That dress looks a bit like a wedding cake."

Audrey rolled her eyes at him. "You're obviously not familiar with ball gowns." The bodice of her dress was light blue with tiny, sparkling rhinestones scattered throughout. The skirt was made up of rows and rows of silky blue and white fabric, gathered here and there for a draped look. She'd put on a thick, stiff petticoat under the skirt so that it would stand out as far as possible. It was so large that she found herself having to hold her arms out like one of those little pageant girls on television.

David leaned over and kissed her. "If I kiss you, do you fall asleep or something?"

"Wrong princess," she corrected him. "And she woke up when the prince kissed her, silly. Are you ready to go to the party?"

She was excited to attend this particular Halloween party because so many of her friends were going to be there. She couldn't wait to show off her Cinderella gown. Her best friend, Molly, was planning to come as a butterfly. They'd worked on her sparkly wings for weeks.

"There's something we need to do before we go," David told her.

Audrey looked at him skeptically. His tone implied that this wasn't something she would enjoy.

David got that parental look about him, and Audrey squinted her eyes. "What?"

"Do you recall the last time you and Molly were out together?" he asked her.

She nodded. So they'd gotten into a little bit of trouble that had involved a little spaghetti landing into a strange woman's handbag. So what? The lady really hadn't been very nice and probably deserved to scoop pasta out of her coin purse. Audrey giggled a little at the thought, but David ignored her.

"I'm going to remind you to behave yourself with Molly tonight," David announced.

Audrey's bottom involuntarily tingled. "I'll be good," she promised. She could hear her voice rising in pitch.

"I know you will," David told her. "This is going to help."

Audrey glared at David. It wasn't fair to spank her when she hadn't even done anything! She knew it was pointless to argue, though, because she'd tried that before.

"Put your hands on the coffee table," David instructed. He was regarding her a little quizzically, and Audrey soon found out why.

She bent over to place her hands on the coffee table as instructed, and her skirt flew up into the air.

David began to laugh. "I was hoping that would happen?"

Audrey stood and turned to him, hands on her hips. "What?"

"Get back down there," David said, assisting her back into position. "Your skirt is flared around you and making a perfect frame for your pantied bottom. It's like a peacock."

Audrey started to stand again, but David was ready for her. He held her back down. "Stick out that bottom," he commanded. "And don't move. This is a perfect picture."

He meant that literally she discovered as she heard the click of the camera behind her. David pulled her panties down then and arranged them at her knees. Then the camera went off again.

Audrey sighed deeply.

"Hush," David told her. He moved to her side and began walloping her naked bottom with his large hand. "Let's get this tush nice and red for another photo."

"No!" Audrey insisted, but her worries about photography soon faded as her bottom began to warm.

David was scolding her. "You are not to get into any crazy situations with Molly, got that?"

Audrey didn't say anything. She was wondering what was considered crazy.

David spanked her hard three times in exactly the same spot. She screeched. "Yes! I got it!"

"Good," he said. He increased the level of his spanking until she was dancing and wiggling back and forth. She kicked off a glass slipper, and David had to stop spanking her because he was laughing too hard.

"My bottom hurts!" she complained. It did hurt, and she knew it would be even worse if she tried to sit at the party. She wasn't sure she could sit in the dress, though, so maybe it didn't matter.

David finished his spanking with a volley of swats to the lower part of Audrey's cheeks, and she wailed in protest. Then he put her panties back up and pulled her to a standing position.

He tilted her face up so that she was looking into his eyes. "Your bottom sting?"

Audrey nodded, a pout on her lips.

"Good," he said. "That should remind you to stay out of trouble."

"Yes sir," Audrey sighed. She couldn't rub her burning bottom because of the layers of fabric that were in the way.

"I put a little something in your bag as an extra reminder," David told her.

She eyed him. "What is it?"

"Your purple plug," he answered casually. "If you start to act up, we'll go into the bathroom and put it in."

"Nooooo," she whined. She hated having that big plug in her bottom.

"You want to wear it now instead?" David asked her sternly.

She shook her head violently. The damned plug could stay in her bag.

David's look softened. He kissed her forehead. "You really do look beautiful. Go fix your makeup, and we'll be on our way."

Audrey made her way to the bathroom with a little smile on her face and a little glow on her bottom.

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