Monday, October 26, 2009

Spanking, With A Side of Sex

Can it really be just about discipline? Are there really people who live DD where sexuality doesn't play the tiniest role?

I dunno.

I take it a step farther myself. I like sex all mixed up with discipline. In my stories I've written about using anal sex, forced touching and even rough sex almost as a form of punishment. I'm not sure I'd be interested in this kind of relationship IRL, but this kind of consensual rape so to speak does pop up in my dark fantasies.

The first time I read a story like this was years ago. It was called "Jessie and Her Daddy" and sometimes "Sweet Gestures". It was written by someone who called him or herself Uninhibited. That was one time when I read a story and my buttons were pushed HARD by something I'd never really thought about before. I would say it inspired the kind of age play I like to write now.

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