Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Age Play and DD Mix

Picture a couple in a male dominant domestic discipline relationship. The woman has done something that the couple has previously agreed will require punishment. So the man sends the woman to put on her "punishment clothes".

You've heard of this, right? You see it in a lot of stories, and people talk about it on message boards. I suppose punishment clothes could mean something else (like a frilly apron and nothing else!) but most of the time it invloves the woman dressing up... not so much as a child but as a kind of fantasy child in short frilly dresses and pigtails. These kinds of clothes are often used in age play games, but apparently they are also used for discipline.

So what's up with this? Is this something the woman has chosen, or is it part of the discipline? I definitely get the idea that much of the time the outfit is part of the punishment. I guess it could be used to get the woman into a certain, childlike state of mind.

When I'm being spanked, especially otk, I start to shrink inside. I feel little, like a child. It's not a bad thing. In fact it gives me a feeling of security. I wonder if the clothing does something similar?

Or is the clothing intended to embarass the woman, adding to her punishment?

I like the possibilities of clothing in any kind of power exchange relationship. I like being told to wear certain panties under my clothes or no panties at all so that he can have easier access to my bottom. There have been several terrific stories where a man asks a woman, in public, to go to the restroom and remove her panties. That makes me all shivery.

If you are young enough and small enough, you could wear little girls' clothes and actually look like a real little girl. Does anyone really pull this off in public? I love the idea that people do! I'm small myself and could probably look very young, but I don't know if I would have the courage to do this... and I've never had a top ask me to. :-)

The age play clothes for time at home are different, though. Often they look like those sparkly little clothes pageant kids wear. Made specifically for ageplay, they will often feature a drop-seat (pajamas) or even a tie on the dress so that it can be pulled up and away from a bare bottom.

I know that lots of people like to use nudity in a DD relationship, but that's not for me. I like to have my bottom uncovered. It makes me feel submissive, like I am subject to authority. Being nude would make me feel... visually groped.

Do some couples in DD relationships use age play props (like clothes) for discipline but not engage in actual age play? Or do these typically go hand-in-hand? I wonder...

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