Friday, October 23, 2009

A Peek At Audrey

It's hard to french braid pigtails. For one thing you have to hold your arms up for a long time, and they start to ache. You can't look in the mirror much because you get all twisty turny with your fingers. Sometimes you get all done and it looks really good except for there's this one bump of hair that's driving you crazy. Your daddy says no one will notice and hurry up let's get in the car. But you can't stand that bump! So you pull at it and then you have a big strand of hair falling down over your french braid, and that just doesn't look right at all.

You daddy says come on RIGHT NOW.

Blah. You have to undo your pigtail and start all over again. Your daddy says why don't you just wear regular pigtails today because we're running late. Then you have to stamp your foot and remind him that you WANT to wear french braid pigtails. What you want is what you want.

Then your daddy comes into the bedroom, and he is not looking so happy. He tells you that you have 30 seconds to get your little behind out to the car. You cannot complete a french braid pigtail in 30 seconds. You can't even complete a real pigtail in 30 seconds.

You could take down your hair, brush it out and go like that. But you WANT french braid pigtails!

So you give your daddy a big pouty face and tell him a little too sharply that you will be ready when you are ready.

Your daddy does not respond to your commands as you do to his. Instead he marches toward you. You realize what's happening and instinctively back away. Your daddy lifts your full, short skirt in one hand and smacks your panties hard with the other. He is fast. This only takes him about 5 seconds. You wonder if he knows how to french braid a pigtail.

You jump and squeal and turn to your daddy. WHAT?

Your daddy explains that he has had it up to here (where?) with these pigtails and that you are getting into the car right this second.

You rub the sore spot on your bottom and explain that you will not be going anywhere until you are finished.

Your daddy sighs. Then he drags you onto the bed and flips you over his lap. He is quite good at this. He pins you down and takes the hairbrush out of your hand. It is only plastic, but that's bad enough.

He pulls down your panties and spanks you hard with the hairbrush. The spanks come fast and furious, and you begin to wiggle for all you are worth. The heat in your bottom has built very quickly. There is no warm-up here. This is a quick job designed to make you very uncomfortable for the upcoming car ride. It's to remind you that you are not the person in charge.

You are reminded. Your bottom stings, and the tears are pooling but not falling when your daddy lifts you to your feet. You glance at the mirror. Your skirt is still up, and your panties are still down. You can see that your daddy has painted your bottom a mostly bright pink with a few variations. You can also see that your hair has come undone on both sides.

Your daddy asks you if you are ready to behave yourself. You nod and sniff. He gives you a little kiss on the forehead and then takes your hand to lead you out to the car. He has tossed the hairbrush onto the bed. You grab it as you follow him out the door. You will do your french braid pigtails in the car. It might be harder that way, but it will keep your mind off your burning bottom.

It's hard to french braid pigtails.

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  1. thanks for the comment. yes i am very blessed to have such good rl friends :)

    loveddddddd the have a wonderful talent! hope you continue to write more!! :)